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Clinical Somatics, which was developed by Thomas Hanna, is neuromuscular education that relieves chronic pain and prevents recurring injuries by re-educating the nervous system.

Our techniques lead you slowly through a sequence of simple movements to improve sensory motor control and help focus your brain on the internal sensations of movement.  

Once your brain becomes aware of where your body is tight and contracted, we coach you to release your muscles through specific guided movement called pandiculation.  Somatic exercises change your muscular system by changing your central nervous system.  To read a detailed description of Pandiculation visit this page...   or see Frequently Asked Questions "What is Pandiculation" on this website.




It is sometimes advisable to commit to at least 4 clinical sessions (if possible) in order to attain the desired outcome and fully understand the concepts and intricacies of Somatic Movement practice. 


Somatics is NOT bodywork or therapy. 

Somatics is EDUCATION in you - directly impacting your brain and nervous system!



All care is taken in the clinic in following the strict cleaning and sanitizing protocols (as they always were!) but it goes without saying - if you don't feel well -  please stay home! :-)

Call or email for your appointment now!

                                                                                                                                                  photo used with permission from Essential Somatics®

  • Clinical Somatic Session

    1 hr 30 min

    80 Australian dollars
  • Somatic movement class to keep you limber, in control and pain free!

    15 Australian dollars
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