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I have had scoliosis and posture problems all my life. I have done tai chi for years but always it was still an effort, and constant attention to correction to hold my posture where it should have been. I went to see Kay and what she has done for me now allows me to  stand and sit comfortably. For the first time in my life I can relax in the correct posture with no effort. It has completely changed my life. I can drive distances without getting as tired and  don’t feel self-conscious about my posture any more as I don’t need to.  It is brilliant! I can’t recommend her enough!  (Kairi Qld Australia.)

I had been diagnosed with sciatic nerve pain emanating from the L4 and L5 discs. 

I had been in severe pain and discomfort (unable to walk or even straighten up) for a number of days before I had my first session with Kay Barr.

My first clinical session with Kay involved a series of gentle movements and releasing exercises, for approx. 1.5 hours.   At the conclusion of this session, the improvement was quite remarkable as I was able to stand in normal upright position and my pain had reduced significantly.

Kay provided me with an exercise instruction sheet to work on over the coming week, to which I stuck to as much as I could and the improvement has been steady.


The next few sessions with Kay involved more of the same along with a few different core releasing exercises.


The main message from Kay is that “you are in control of your recovery”.    If you do the work you will see improvement, and you will limit the amount of pain relief required. 


I am still visiting Kay on a regular basis – and seem to be improving every day.


I could certainly recommend Kay and the benefits of Somatics to anyone with back / neck / shoulder pain.  (Kewarra Qld)



My first session with Kay doing somatics was a couple of hours long, and to be honest, I didn’t feel straight away that too much had changed, but I did notice I was sitting straighter in the car on the way home, then I noticed that I was looking over the top of the Prado when I went to pick up the kids; and then at home I realised I was looking at the top of the fridge, which was quite dusty! 

I was a good 10cm taller for having my pelvic tilt and thoracic spine ‘hunch’ straightened.  I hoped that this would last a couple of days, but, with some further sessions, it persists, as the Somatics is all about getting your brain to re-learn your muscles and their patterns.

A wonderfully gentle way to get some major and lasting somatic benefits.

I recommend Kay to anyone interested in improving posture or as a way to address posture-related pain. (Cairns Qld)



I was so pleased with the difference in my breathing when I woke up the day after my first clinical session.  My sinuses were so clear and I was feeling good as I have so much congestion in my lungs.  I don't have pain in my body but didn't realise that I had become 'stuck' around my ribs and chest and was only shallow breathing.  Somatics has taught me how to let go of my unconscious holding and breathe deeply and fully.  Thank you Kay!    (Cairns Qld)



I’ve spent a lifetime sitting hunched over a desk, then computer, and incurring assorted injuries which I thought had healed. My body had become more relaxed and flexible from enjoying Kay’s Tai Chi classes so I was interested in her enthusiasm for Somatics.

I attended her Somatics workshop and learned that since I had done years of hunching, had limped due to injury and had favoured my left leg, my body had subconsciously ‘helped’ me maintain this unnatural pattern. My brain/muscle system had compensated my imbalances by tightening different muscles to compensate, which over the long term had created stresses and pain.   It all happened out of my conscious control and I didn’t even realise it.  By the time I reached my early 70s my distorted muscle memory needed re-training.  Somatics showed me that I could unlearn a lifetime of unhelpful muscle habits.

I could move more in the way I originally did as a child, by re-training my brain to actively release and relax the contracted muscles. Kay refers to this process as Pandiculation.  Internal self-awareness, slowly practising self-care exercises to re-train my brain, has helped me a lot and I no longer suffer with the pain of muscle tension AND I now know how to maintain my new freedom!  (Cairns Qld)

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